Satlock has expanded its services by providing offshore location information and ocean visibility solutions.

The limitations of onshore tracking
Satlock is a Colombian tech company that has been developing satellite-based container locks since 2011. With its locking devices, Satlock can monitor the exact location of individual containers. The locks send information about the status of the cargo and reveal whether a container has been opened or tampered with, during transport.

Satlock began experiencing an increased customer need for end-to-end visibility. Something had to be done, because the last leg of the journey for a container is only a fraction of the long voyage, starting thousands of miles away.

The advantages of real-time ocean visibility
The increasing demand for the precise monitoring of goods at sea led Satlock to enter into a partnership agreement with GateHouse Maritime. Today, Satlock can offer its customers reliable container tracking and monitoring of shipped cargo, while at sea.

Our data-as-a-service API platform has enabled Satlock to monitor the exact location of individual containers at sea. Satlock is no longer experiencing uncertainty about the arrival of shipped goods. Finally, the company can offer its customers real-time monitoring of cargo from departure to arrival.

Juan Guillermo Galán De Valdenebro, General Manager at Satlock, says:

We strive to offer a market-leading product, and by partnering with GateHouse Maritime, we expand our tracking services to also cover shipped goods, which makes our solutions more accurate and precise to the delight of our customers.

About Satlock

SATLOCK is a Colombia-based tech company developing satellite-based locks to monitor containers during transport. The company’s electronic seals offer robust and tamper-resistant designs, while providing location information, traceability, and the status of the cargo. Satlock’s technology is based on loT platforms, telemetry, GPS and GPRS.

The company has operations in South and Central America as well as the Caribbean. Satlock has extensive experience in security and logistics, especially in areas where the risks of theft, looting or contamination by narcotics, money and weapons present a risk for the company’s customers.


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