Help your customers plan around port congestion & delays

Disruptions to the supply chain due to port congestion is a big nuisance to everyone shipping or moving goods from A to B. With the Port Intelligence data service you will get accurate data on current and potential congestions in ANY container port worldwide. This insight will help your customers plan ahead or avoid ports with congestion.

Get an accurate overview of port congestion

With our service you can visualize berth congestions as they happen.

Search for any port of interest and show details on dweel time, number of vessels at anchor and at berth.

Help stakeholders plan ahead with updated data

Our predictions will be updated every 12 hours keeping the overview fresh and relevant.

Using the data, you can show whether port congestion will have a negative impact on any shipment enabling customers to take corrective measures.

Customize and set own thresholds

The Port Intelligence service allows you to create your own congestion thresholds and automatically receive notifications when port congestion is above the specified limit.

Why our Port Intelligence?

The Port Intelligence data service will illustrate just how congested a specific port is. Every 12 hours the datasets are updated, and the service support all container ports. With the service you get an idea of how cargo will be affected at the port of loading and the port of discharge. The datasets thus offer valuable information on any container port in the world.

Fast track: Get up and running
in just a week

Seven days is all we need to get you started providing customers with valuable insights with help from our data. Our data services are easy to implement and built on DCSA open standards to ensure a seamless integration with your current systems.


Features in Port Intelligence

With the Port Intelligence data service you’ll get access to a number of insights enabling you to visualize container ports all over the globe.

Supported in our data service
Anchorage insights

Provides expected anchorage time delivered as 4 metrics (avg., median, min. max) on selected Port. Built on high quality geofences.

Berthing insights

Provides expected berthing time delivered as 4 metrics (avg., median, min. max) on selected Port. Built on high qualitity geofences.

Vessel counts and information

Provides basic vessel information for vessels currently at anchorage and berthing including arrival time.

Import Dwell

Provides Import Dwell delivered as 4 metrics (avg., median, min. max) on selected port. Calculated as time between ‘Discharged’ and ‘Gate Out Full’

Export Dwell

Provides Export Dwell delivered as 4 metrics (avg., median, min. max) on selected port. Calculated as time between Gate In Full and Loaded.

Time to port

Provides insights in container transport time between 2 ports. Calculated as time between Departed and Arrived.


Self administration of private defined thresholds for port congestion, sending notification in case of thresholds are reached


Visualize port activity to inform and impress

Using our Port Intelligence data service combined with map software you’ll be able to visualize ports and grade them e.g. by median dwell time. Paint a picture for your customers and let them explore the map and use the insights to plan or adjust routes to optimize operations and profits. Go ahead and give the ports a tab and see what happens.


With the Port Intelligence data service you’ll get milestones, unified data, high data quality, regular updates and alerts. With GateHouse’s DaaS tracking solution, OceanIO®, our vessel tracking data service gives you second-to-none Ocean Visibility that enables you to make informed decisions in real-time.

FOUR metrics

We provide four metrics in our Port Intelligence features. These are Average, Median, Minimum and Maximum.


All our data is unified, quality-checked and enriched before it is streamed only to the relevant subscribers.

High Quality Data

We guarantee unmatched and high quality geofences for both anchorage and berthing. These are built on large data volumes to ensure the right data at each port.

Regular updates

Increase transparency and provide precise congestion and dwell insights with updates 2 times a day

You get notified

Be notified when a port is congested above your personal defined threshold

Easy integration

It has never been easier to get your users the answers they deserve: Your personal integration manager will make sure, that the onboarding is done without any friction. The Port Intelligence data service is available through a REST API for easy integration into your existing platform or system. If you are ready, you could be up and running in a week.

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Our prices

Our competitive prices buy you access to our high quality data – and the more you spend, the better the price. We run on a credit-based model and you can use these credits on all of our services or choose only to spend them on one. It’s all up to you.

Get in touch with us to hear more about our prices.

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1,000 $

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Several of our customers are listed by Gartner® as leaders of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. They have chosen us to provide data that are vital in achieving excellence. If that is not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is.

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