Presenting OceanIntel –    A Cutting-Edge SaaS Solution for Maritime Asset Surveillance and Protection


Nørresundby, Denmark – May 4, 2023 –  GateHouse Maritime, a leading provider of vessel monitoring services and intel through AIS technology, is pleased to announce the launch of OceanIntel – a cutting-edge SaaS solution that enables offshore assets to be surveilled and protected while providing port operators with real-time information on incoming and outgoing vessels.


At the forefront for over two decades

For over two decades, GateHouse Maritime has been at the forefront of delivering data to the maritime and logistics industry. Since GateHouse Maritime’s inception, the company has been committed to providing vessel monitoring services and intel through AIS technology. GateHouse Maritime’s relentless focus on innovation has enabled the company to build a robust data platform that leverages machine learning and AI to deliver predictive insights that help customers make better decisions and improve efficiency.

With the introduction of OceanIntel, GateHouse Maritime is taking this commitment to excellence to the next level. “We are thrilled to introduce OceanIntel to the world,” says Mathias Balling, Sales Manager at GateHouse Maritime. “This powerful tool will enable our customers to optimize their operations and achieve unprecedented levels of situational awareness, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient maritime activities”, he adds.


Respond to potential risks before it’s too late

OceanIntel is a highly trusted solution by maritime authorities and commercial partners around the world. This powerful SaaS solution enables customers to have full visibility and control over their assets, helping them to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency. The tool leverages machine learning and AI to provide predictive insights, allowing customers to make data-driven decisions and respond to potential risks before they become a problem.

Not only can OceanIntel help surveil and protect offshore assets, but it can also be used by port operators to stay updated on incoming and outgoing vessels.


A testament to GateHouse Maritime’s commitment to excellence

OceanIntel is a true testament to GateHouse Maritime’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the maritime industry. While GateHouse Maritime is excited to share this milestone with its customers, partners, and the entire maritime community, the company will always continue to push the boundaries of maritime technology and deliver innovative solutions to its customers.


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As GateHouse Maritime celebrates this momentous occasion, you are invited to join its LinkedIn community to stay informed about the latest OceanIntel news and resources. Make sure to follow OceanIntel’s LinkedIn page.

You are also more than welcome to visit OceanIntel’s brand-new website to learn more about how OceanIntel can help protect your maritime assets. We are confident that you will find this tool to be a valuable addition to your operations, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


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