Bringing visibility into supply chains

Supply chain disruption and evolving customer expectations are putting pressure on global supply chains. Customers want to know where their shipment is located and when its due to arrive. To fulfill these reasonable demands, you need accurate and trustworthy data from GateHouse Maritime.

Data experts for years

At GateHouse Maritime, we empower the supply chain industry to make intelligent, data-based decisions. We collect data from multiple sources and convert these data streams into industry-standard format. Based on over 350 billion data points and thousands of work hours by brilliant minds, we can make accurate predictions that can fundamentally change the way supply chains operate globally.

GateHouse Maritime was founded in 1992 by Michael Bondo Andersen. Over the last decades, the company has risen to become a well-known international data supplier in the maritime industry.

Toward a
better future

We encourage the maritime industry to embrace digitalization to overcome the lack of supply chain transparency. By investing in advanced predictive technologies, we will support the transition to a more environmentally sustainable supply chain industry.

Transportation by ship is the least environmentally damaging form of goods transportation. At GateHouse Maritime, we contribute with technology that assist in optimizing resource utilization and reducing carbon footprint.