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Please note the following public holidays in Denmark are excluded from normal service hours.
Furthermore, GateHouse Maritime is closed on December 31.


Denmark (Headquarters)
GateHouse Maritime
Strømmen 6
DK-9400 Nørresundby

United States
GateHouse USA Corp.
370 Jay Street, 7th Floor
11201 Brooklyn, NY


We are always ready to have a chat with you. Find the relevant contact person and their details in each designated department below or fill out and send our contact form above for one of our employees to contact you soon.


Morten Ørskou Bols

Market Development Director

+45 2857 3367

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Noemi Lamp

Sales Executive

+45 2217 7512

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Mathias Balling

Sales Manager

+45 4242 5708

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Michael Hagbarth Christiansen

Sales Manager

+45 6017 4536

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Customer Success

Tom Raes

Customer Success Manager

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Kristian Jørgensen

Customer Success Specialist

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Marianne Berg Eisenhardt

General Manager

+45 4082 1227

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Thomas Donslund

Chief Technology Officer

+45 2282 8379

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Michael Steen Clausen

Head of Marketing

+45 4034 2639

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Our locations

We are an international, independent company with offices in both Denmark and the United States. Reach out to the relevant office in question and let’s have a chat as soon as possible about how we can help you specifically with maritime data solutions.


Phone +45 70 20 19 09


United States

Phone +1 256 658 8633