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Vessel Schedules provides instant access to near real-time information on all deep-sea container services and specific container vessel schedules all in one place. Having operational vessel schedule updates at hand allows you to make informed decisions about your shipments and make your planning and execution much more effective.

Search for any container vessel schedule

Get accurate data from all carriers in one central source 

Stay updated and always in the know 




Simplicity and convenience all in one  

Using Vessel Schedules is simple and convenient. You can simply either enter an IMO or an origin and destination port and let Vessel Schedules provide you with the services that match your search across all major ocean carriers.

Also, we’ve removed the inconvenience of having to search for vessel schedules on all the different carrier websites. Instead, we present all this information in one central source in a standardized DCSA format.

Use Vessel Schedules to find out:

 Which carriers can get your shipment from A to B 

  Which service can deliver your shipment within deadline

 The fastest service from A to B

 If there are any Port of Loading/Port of Discharge alternatives you can use in case of port congestion issues


From vessel-centric to point-to-point data

Vessel Schedules offers both vessel-centric and point-to-point data. Vessel-centric includes having access to schedules for vessels from various carriers. Point-to-point service includes all the port calls from a given origination to a given destination port

Vessel Schedules can help improve your shipment planning and execution with information such as: 

    • Import/Export Voyage Number
    • Cut-off dates
    • Each port call including port name and lo-code
    • Arrival and departure estimates
    • Vessel information
    • Updates when expected port calls become actual port calls.  


Stay updated and always in the know

With Schedule Change Notification, you can listen for updates on any given available vessel and automatically get notified if this vessel’s schedule changes i.e., if port calls are skipped or added, if your ETA changes or when an estimated port call occurs.

These notifications will make sure that you wouldn’t waste valuable time contacting us every time you need to be updated with the latest schedule changes. Let us do the work for you and simply show the information that you want to receive and filter out what isn’t relevant.

With Schedule Change Notification, you can:

    • Avoid sending frequent requests to be updated with the latest schedule changes.
    • Filter out irrelevant information by specifying the thresholds that define when you wish to receive a notification about shipment changes.
    • Follow only the carriers that are relevant for your business using filter option.


Be in the know within a week






Accurate data that encompasses all carriers

In Predictive Schedules, all port calls across carriers are collected without overlapping with each other. As a result, you can get a prediction of your ETA based on information from all carriers. 

Since Predictive Schedules is linked to our AIS data, you can: 

    • See actual arrivals and departures if these are not visible in carriers’ vessel schedules. 
    • Get correct, actual timestamps for port calls, as some carriers change ETA to ATA without updating timestamps. 
    • Get a consistent interpretation of arrivals and departures, as our OceanIO platform uses its own high quality geofences across all carriers.  

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