AALBORG, DENMARK, February 12, 2021.

Maritime analytics and data leader, GateHouse Maritime, has signed a contract with Satlock, a Columbia-based tech company providing value chain transparency and intelligence. The new partnership will strengthen GateHouse Maritime’s position within ocean visibility solutions and provide Satlock with data that give more precise monitoring of cargo and logistics operations.

The increasing demand for precise and accurate monitoring of goods at sea has now led maritime analytics and data leader GateHouse Maritime to enter into a partnership agreement with innovative software tech company, Satlock.

Satlock is specialized in tracking and security solutions for the logistics industry and with the new agreement, GateHouse Maritime will deliver location data predictive Arrival Prediction data in an Ocean Visibility solution to Satlock’s existing services and improve traceability and monitoring of shipped cargo while at sea:

– The unique combination of data from our Maritime Data Foundation will help increase visibility of operations and allow Satlock to monitor the exact location of individual containers. Furthermore, our EArrival Prediction solution will capture data on schedules for container ships which together with machine learning algorithms can make much more precise forecasts and calculations than scheduled ETAs, Martin Dommerby Kristiansen, VP Commercial at GateHouse Maritime says, and adds:

– Previously, missing or deficient tracking at sea has led to uncertainty about the handling as well as arrival of shipped goods, but with the latest technology, it is now possible to make a fully transparent real-time monitoring of cargo from departure to arrival, which is crucial in logistics planning, Martin Dommerby Kristiansen explains.

Satlock has developed a satellite-based lock that provides onshore location information and can monitor if a container has been opened during transportation globally. Now, with GateHouse Container Tracking, Satlock will also be able to provide real-time offshore location data for containers during transportation – even when at sea.

For Satlock, the partnership means that customers can look forward to an even better tracking of their goods globally:

– We are very satisfied with the new partnership. We strive to offer a market leading product, and by partnering with GateHouse Maritime, we expand our tracking services to also cover shipped goods, which makes our solutions more accurate and precise to the delight of our customers. GateHouse Maritime is a well-established company in the maritime tracking industry worldwide, and we believe that our cooperation will prove to be successful for both businesses, Juan Guillermo Galan De Valdenebro, General Manager at Satlock says.


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