Aalborg, Denmark, December 14, 2021.

Unprecedented activity in the freight market and increasing pressure on the global supply chain have made cargo owners look towards data as a means to avoid costly delays and demurrage charges. To meet the market’s interest, leading maritime data provider GateHouse Maritime has invested significantly in new features for real-time ocean visibility services.

Increasing commodity prices, port congestions, global container shortage; there should be no doubt that the global supply chain is under immense pressure. The unusual situation has placed new demands on transparency in the logistics sector and accumulated an increasing interest in precise and reliable information on transported goods.

One of the key players navigating in the hectic freight market is GateHouse Maritime. The company helps global cargo owners and freight forwarders secure a more efficient supply chain with data-based transparency solutions for cargo transport operations.

In 2021, GateHouse Maritime has seen a rapid increase in R&D activities, and now, further investments are made in order for the global provider of maritime data to create continuous value in the growing market:

– The lack of transparency in the supply chain is an increasing problem for the container shipping market. This has paved the way for a great interest in ocean visibility solutions to better predict otherwise unforeseeable delays. Therefore, we have invested furtherly in our existing features to strengthen our value proposition and to meet the future demand of our customerse, says CEO in GateHouse Maritime, Martin Dommerby.

Data give rise to economical and green advantages in the logistics sector
Leading to a chain reaction of negative events, such as port congestion, detention, demurrage charges and lost orders, container vessel delays are one of the single most urgent issues in the freight market at the moment.

But data may very well prove to be the hidden key to solve the industry’s challenges, says GateHouse Maritime who works with numerous frontrunning technology companies present on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms:

– Data can be used proactively in all areas of the freight market. For service providers and logistic companies, data can be used to obtain real time statuses on containers and determine ETAs more precisely, thereby preventing delays and exception handling. This not only saves money, but it also reduces errors and enables a more efficient and greener supply chain, states Product Platform Director in GateHouse Maritime, Thomas Donslund, who adds:

– Additionally, data solutions also concern other players in the logistics industry, such as insurance providers who use data to calculate prices and premiums. So, to put it in a different way; data insights possess an almost limitless potential for logistics players that intend to make serious use of it, he says.

Today, more and more companies already request precise and reliable data information – it is just a matter of making sense of the massive data foundation:

– Millions of data points from ports, vessels, and containers are available, but the main challenge is to unify them. Those who succeed with converting large amounts of data into tangible and unique insights will be able to work more proactively in operations, saving both time and money otherwise spent on manual work. And that is the main reason why data services for ocean visibility are in high demand, concludes Thomas Donslund.

GateHouse Maritime’s global ocean visibility platform consists of data from about 4,000 ports, 300,000 vessels and 5,000,000 containers and is used by cargo owners, visibility providers and logistic companies worldwide.


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