How we help logistics tech providers

Data Services integrated into your system in a week: Get ocean transport data in an easy to integrate and uniform data stream. You will get unlimited access to precise vessel ETAs, port dwell time and much more based on 20+ years of collected data from thousands of data sources paired with advanced algorithms.

15+ major

Curated over more than 20+ years and counting, our data foundation covers more than 99% containers in transport across 15+ major carriers.

So don’t you worry – we’ve got you covered all the way.


Our tracking includes historic, current and even predicted positions of cargo and shipments.

The quality of our data and the coverage itself are provides absolute Ocean Visibility by including actuals, planned and GateHouse predictions built on machine learning and our large data lake.

Help your customerS make better decisionS

Integrate with our DaaS, and transform the way you help, inform and deal with your customers as a maritime solution provider or logistics tech provider.

Our data keep users up to date, so they can prepare and plan ahead.

Build or buy?

Sure, you could go ahead and build your own data services. Employ the talents, identify numerous sources of data and have the sharpest minds mold the unstructured data into uniform and applicable data services. Building, maintaining and evolving a data algorithm platform like our OceanIO® Platform is HARD work and doesn’t happen over night. So instead of building everything from scratch, you could go ahead and let us help you with our data services. You could be up and running with the most accurate data in the industry in as little as a week.

Top challenges

The Logistics Tech Providers face some inherent challenges, but fear not – we have found our way around these at GateHouse Maritime in order to provide for our customers, and we can help alleviate these for you as well.


We’ll grow together

The Transport Management System (TMS) industry is in a hurry and growing fast. It is not always easy to determine what the next step should be in this ever-changing business.

Should you build or buy? Is it better to do all the work yourself by hunting down all the data and then try to make sense of it? Or should you just go ahead and get the ready-made solution from us. Not surprisingly, we would recommend the latter.

We are growing alongside with you and know the struggles of expanding. Make it easier for yourself by making use of us: A market proven solution, where you can start small and risk free and scale up when you are ready.

Our services are flexible and you can turn the amount of tracks up or down depending on your specific needs. Also, with our credit-based pricing system it is possible for you to mix and match between our services giving you the chance to give your users the full experience.

So secure yourself a pain free onboarding! We know you are going to need assistance, and we are with you all the way.


Too many data sources
with no standardization

More data is not always better. Dealing with multiple incoming streams of data can quickly become tedious and confusing, and a common pain for the industry is actually the amount of data and the lack of standardization. But at GateHouse Maritime our data is uniform and clean as it follows DCSA standards – ready for you to use at your convenience.

You no longer have to worry about differences in formatting, field discrepancies or other sourcing issues. We take care of the data transmutation for you.

Let us get you started with us, so we can help you work around and respond to these industry-specific pains and thereby give your business a boost of customer satisfaction!

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Lacking coverage

Another industry-specific pain is the lack of visibility during shipments entire journey, which is something most providers’ customers demand.

You might already have road and air visibility but none for ocean. GateHouse Maritime is an independent partner delivering the best ocean data for full Ocean Visibilty there is.

We cover 130 carriers resulting in 99% coverage globally. This strengthens our data quality, as perfect coverage results in perfect data – and why we always strive for 100%.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfect – we can be the missing link you were looking for.


Leading in ocean visibility

Why choose our data services? Simple. We are the best at what we do. For 20+ years we have provided customers with high-quality data used to optimize supply chain operations all over the globe. We have done the hard part and made a sea of data accessible for you to turn into precious information and insight.

See how

by the best

Several of our customers are listed by Gartner® as leaders of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. They have chosen us to provide data that are vital in achieving excellence. If that is not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is.


Use our data services to enrich your offering

You need high-quality data to give customers an exact overview of ocean supply chains. Your customers want answers, and we have the technology to provide just that. Enrich your platform with past, present and predictive data making your solution stand out.

Container Tracking

Track any container worldwide with our Container Tracking Data Service. Get real-time status and accurate ETA predictions using our DaaS tracking solution.


Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking provides every route detail for all container vessels and their port of destination. This includes historic, current and even predicted positions.


Port Intelligence

Visualize port congestion and compare ports globally to enable customers to optimize routes and pickup. Show users every detail including berthing, dwell time and anchorage.


We’ve got you covered

We cover 150+ carriers (including all the major carriers) resulting in 99% coverage globally. This in turn affects and strengthens our data quality, as perfect coverage results in perfect data – and that is why we always strive for 100%. You can rest assured that we are committed to helping you get the data you need, so you won’t have to spend time tracking it down on your own.



Don’t just take our word for it

‘‘Our decision to go with GateHouse Maritime was based on the superior quality and reliability of the data provided, combined with competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.

We are extremely happy with our decision to partner with GateHouse Maritime and are looking forward to a long-term successful partnership.’’


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Gabriel de Godoy
CEO of Cargologik


Make predictions
with AI on your side

Shipments tend to be delayed and an inaccurate ETA can mean major disruptions to your customers’ supply chain. If the shipment is delayed, you should be able to give customers a more realistic and accurate ETA and this is exactly what our data does. We provide an alternative and more accurate ETA, meaning that your customer can rearrange further transport thus increasing profit and overview at the same time. This is possible because of our OceanIO® technology making our services unique and trustworthy.

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