We were contacted by a Visibility Provider with well-known international customers. They were looking for a partner to consolidate and expand their current services to retain current customers and to gain a competitive edge. More specifically their customers were requesting more insights about container transport and port logistics in order to avoid extra costs and unpredictable delivery situations.

As with many other tech companies providing supply chain visibility, their customers are under high pressure when it comes to precision, predictability, and reliability. They have production lines or retail stores impatiently waiting for parts or new season items. And waiting time is expensive so the customers are looking for predictability in an unstable supply chain environment. Of course, the Visibility Provider already had some of the data, but more data sources and backup data were on their wish list to strengthen their output.

Our discussions with the Visibility Provider touched upon our ability to share insights about containers; their location and predicted ETA, vessel ETAs, ETA predictions, port congestion with anchoring and berth time, and container gate out information. Altogether, this data comes from multiple sources but is unified into one single uniform stream of data delivered via an API.

The Solution Provider was a bit skeptical about the data quality and whether this data would actually make a difference to their customers. To convince the Solution Provider we agreed on a free trial with unlimited access to data. After a two months trial they were convinced of the data quality and the difference it would make to their business. They had really positive feedback from their customers; not about the data in particular, but the push notifications and early warnings about exceptions and expected delays. Those features made a difference and enabled the end user to reorganize manufacturing and campaigns, and planning of pickup and last mile delivery was much more efficient. In general, the Visibility Provider experienced a more stable data delivery in general as the GateHouse Maritime data services also supported and consolidated data from other partners.

We have shared our roadmap with the Visibility Provider as it may hold a promising business potential with even more insight and knowledge about maritime transport and handling. Together we’re working on transforming more data sets into knowledge and business potential.



Company description:

A Visibility Provider located in Europe. Established in 2017 with basic services. Now offering a full service dashboard for track and trace of shipments with the aim of helping cargo owners and shippers automate workflows and increase customer service.


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