End-to-end data to ensure visibility

With Container Tracking from GateHouse Maritime, you will get insights into the supply chain which will make you able to act fast and efficiently. Get the data you need to make more informed decisions.

Never before has demurrage fines been as high as they are today. The charges ensure an efficient use of container terminal resources, but with the large fines of today, these costs will affect your business. Therefore, to avoid these significant costs, it is essential to have full visibility of where your containers are located as well as knowing when they are going to arrive.

True ocean visibility in an easy-to-access format

GateHouse Maritime tracks containers. We keep an eye on the vessel and its arrival, and keep you informed, so that you can use this information to plan ahead.

We deliver what we believe is true ocean visibility. We bring you this information in a format that is easily integrated into your own system. In other words, we deliver a plug and play solution that saves you any development costs and hours of integration.

Be efficient

To ensure that the products are available when your customers need them is essential for cargo owners. With the Container Tracking solution, you can meet your customers’ expectations at the lowest cost possible.

Upgrade your Inventory management

The insights provided by the Container Tracking solution will let you streamline your operations. You can make fast decisions about exception handling and inventory management and make alternative plans if your shipment is delayed.

Minimize your shipping costs

Manual processes are often an expensive affair. With the insight you get from the Container Tracking solution, you can eliminate the manual processes and get smart notifications when changes and updates occur. You can avoid demurrage charges with the accurate ETAs provided by the service.

Accurate etas and ship location

Real time status on containers and true ocean visibility can increase transparency and help you avoid otherwise unforeseeable delays.

Machine learning combined with historical data provides you with precise ETA forecasts that gives you the best conditions to plan your next move. You will know when the containers are ready for pick up and you can avoid demurrage charges which could otherwise be inflated due to delays or lack of insight.


Forecast precision

Through improved forecast precision within ocean container freight, the customer gained full visibility over the activities that had to be aligned in order to act fast when delays occurred to find alternative solutions.

Extra time saved

With the insights provided, the manual processes were eliminated and replaced by smart notifications when changes and updates occurred which resulted in a the customer saving 20 hours per week

Saved costs

Through full visibility, the customer was able to plan ahead, foresee delays and avoid demurrage charges among others, resulting in more than USD 250,000 per annum.

Leading in ocean visibility

Why choose our data services? Simple. We are the best at what we do. For 20+ years we have provided customers with high-quality data used to optimize supply chain operations all over the globe. We have done the hard part and made a sea of data accessible for you to turn into precious information and insight.

See how

by the best

Several of our customers are listed by Gartner® as leaders of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. They have chosen us to provide data that are vital in achieving excellence. If that is not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is.


Gain true ocean visibility

You need high-quality data to give customers an exact overview of ocean supply chains. Your customers want answers, and we have the technology to provide just that. We are making Ocean Visibility simple. Bringing order to an ever-changing sea (no pun intended) of events, port calls, routes and schedules with our OceanIO® platform, ensuring the highest level of data quality. Our services will enrich your system or platform with past, present and even predictive data. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out today!

Container Tracking

Track any container worldwide with our Container Tracking Data Service. Get real-time status and accurate ETA predictions using our DaaS tracking solution.


Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking provides every route detail for all container vessels and their port of destination. This includes historic, current and even predicted positions.


Port Intelligence

Visualize port congestion and compare ports globally to enable customers to optimize routes and pickup. Show users every detail including berthing, dwell time and anchorage.


Make predictions
with AI on your side

Shipments tend to be delayed and an inaccurate ETA can mean major disruptions to your customers’ supply chain. If the shipment is delayed, you should be able to give customers a more realistic and accurate ETA and this is exactly what our data does. We provide an alternative and more accurate ETA, meaning that your customer can rearrange further transport thus increasing profit and overview at the same time. This is possible because of our OceanIO® technology making our services unique and trustworthy.

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We cover 150+ sealine carriers (including all the major players) resulting in a 99% global coverage. We strive not only to reach the 100% mark, but also to fill any gap in our data services. You shouldn’t settle for less than perfect.

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