Optimize your supply
chain through data

Make data work for your profitability by reducing your costs, save time and serve your customers better.
With OceanIO® you power up your Freight Forwarding Business Operations.

Reduce Operational Costs

Playing the guessing game doesn’t save you money; accurate data and data-driven decisions does:

Stay notified of events like sudden increases in docking charges, demurrage, or delays in container loading (or unloading) that cost.


Go from reactive to proactive with a comprehensive, end-to-end intelligence platform giving you more time to run your core business.

Quick responses (or preemptive actions) pull you ahead of your competition.


Global Container Tracking with OceanIO® for freight forwarders helps you get full visibility on containers, vessel locations, predictive ETA, and more.

Power up operations with quality data for container monitoring.

Serve your customers better

Our data solution lets you keep your users up to date, so they can plan ahead with our high-quality data.

You serve your customers better by allowing them to be on top of things and thus keeping them satisfied.

Top challenges

The 3PL/Freight Forwarders industry faces some inherent challenges, but fear not – we have found our way around these at GateHouse Maritime in order to provide for our customers, and we can help alleviate these for you as well.



Customer expectations and demands are continuously getting more comprehensive and complex. They might inquire as to the location and ETA of their container – and they expect a quick response from you. Customers demand a certain level of quality and quick turn-around, and with solutions from GateHouse Maritime it is easy to respond to these demands:

Using our OceanIO platform allows you to be proactive instead of reactive and responding to your customers’ requirements before they inquire by providing them with the data they need.

Let us get you started with us, so we can help you work around and respond to these industry-specific pains and thereby give your business a boost of customer satisfaction!


Time-consuming manual
search of data

A lot of time is spend tediously by manually looking for and gathering data. All because no proper system is in place to deal with tracking events. Why look up and gather data manually from several different sources when you get an all-inclusive solution with us? Our DaaS is the answer to that question.

With GateHouse Maritime’s OceanIO® solution you can be proactive instead of reactive – responding to and acting on customers’ demands before they demand them by providing them with the data they need.

Let us get you started with us, so we can help you work around and respond to these industry-specific pains and thereby give your business a boost of customer satisfaction!


Data quality

There is industry-wide distrust in data performance and quality – if you are experiencing low and bad quality data and/or a lack of events in your data, then we can help you, as we have the best data on the market, and you won’t ever again have to worry about missing out on events. GateHouse Maritime’s OceanIO solution is the answer to your and your customers’ questions. It allows you to be proactive instead of reactive by providing them with the data they need – before they need it.

And you don’t have to fret over keeping costs low: Add great value and revenue potential for low investment and be a single source of truth for your customers.Data quality and data trust is low. Are you experiencing low bad quality and lack of events? We have the best data there is.

Let us get you started with us, so we can help you work around and respond to these industry-specific pains and thereby give your business a boost of customer satisfaction!


Leading in ocean visibility

Why choose our data services? Simple. We are the best at what we do. For 20+ years we have provided customers with high-quality data used to optimize supply chain operations all over the globe. We have done the hard part and made a sea of data accessible for you to turn into precious information and insight.

See how

by the best

Several of our customers are listed by Gartner® as leaders of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. They have chosen us to provide data that are vital in achieving excellence. If that is not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is.


Gain true ocean visibility

You need high-quality data to give customers an exact overview of ocean supply chains. Your customers want answers, and we have the technology to provide just that. We are making Ocean Visibility simple. Bringing order to an ever-changing sea (no pun intended) of events, port calls, routes and schedules with our OceanIO® platform, ensuring the highest level of data quality. Our services will enrich your system or platform with past, present and even predictive data. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out today!

Container Tracking

Track any container worldwide with our Container Tracking Data Service. Get real-time status and accurate ETA predictions using our DaaS tracking solution.


Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking provides every route detail for all container vessels and their port of destination. This includes historic, current and even predicted positions.


Port Intelligence

Visualize port congestion and compare ports globally to enable customers to optimize routes and pickup. Show users every detail including berthing, dwell time and anchorage.


Make predictions
with AI on your side

Shipments tend to be delayed and an inaccurate ETA can mean major disruptions to your customers’ supply chain. If the shipment is delayed, you should be able to give customers a more realistic and accurate ETA and this is exactly what our data does. We provide an alternative and more accurate ETA, meaning that your customer can rearrange further transport thus increasing profit and overview at the same time. This is possible because of our OceanIO® technology making our services unique and trustworthy.

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We cover 150+ sealine carriers (including all the major players) resulting in a 99% global coverage. We strive not only to reach the 100% mark, but also to fill any gap in our data services. You shouldn’t settle for less than perfect.

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