Port Congestion is stealing profit. Want to learn how data can help plan ahead and cut costs?

Peak season is upon us yet again. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are pressuring ports capacity all over the globe. Port congestion is still causing major delays in supply chains to great dismay of any retailer or business eagerly waiting for their goods to sell.

9/10 major ports are congested

Our data shows that 9/10 of the busiest ports worldwide are so congested that the question no longer is – IF goods will be delayed – but for how long. Our data indicates that especially the unloading-phase is taking much longer than previously recorded. Mainstream media may have lost interest in supply chain challenges but that doesn’t mean that these challenges are gone.

Overview and facts will help planning and cut costs

What if I told you, that we can provide you with accurate data providing the perfect overview over which ports are the most congested? In fact, our data can help you or your customers plan around the ports with the longest anchoring time – allowing for the goods to be unloaded in due time. The overview will enable your customers to make critical decision potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

Catch our webinar and get:

  • An expert update on what is causing port congestion.
  • Insight into how data can provide answers and solutions.
  • A short introduction of our OceanIO-platform, upon which our data services are built

Our Sales Executive Mathias Balling – expert on Port Intelligence – hosts the 20-minute webinar and gives you a guided tour into the challenges with port congestion and an idea on how to use data to create overview, plan ahead and cut costs.


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