How do I start a Container Tracking?

The OceanIO platform retrieves data from several different data sources, so it can provide information that is as accurate as possible. However, it does not track every container all the time. Platform users need to set up Container Tracking, which will prompt the platform to retrieve information about the container, container vessels etc.

Container Tracking is achieved by creating a transport (using POST). The transport is identified by one of the following:

– Container-ID

– B/L

– Booking Number

SCAC is mandatory when initiating container transports using B/L or Booking Number, whereas SCAC is only optional when using container-ID.

You can add your own transport description, e.g. “Bikes from Shanghai to Los Angeles”.

You will be able to start and stop the tracking by specifying a planned “begin datetime” and planned “end datetime”. Events concerning the container will commence 14 days before planned “begin” and will continue up until 14 days after planned “end”.

After transport set up the platform will start sending your system events if you are using the OceanIO’s push option. If you are using the platforms “poll endpoint” the platform will make the events available after transport set up. The OceanIO’s push and pull solution will make a stream of events available to you.

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