Which milestones can I receive from the Container Tracking service?

The OceanIO platform has two different sets of event type codes, which are aligned with DCSA.

One is for events related to the equipment, and the other is for events related to the transport. When you get an event from the OceanIO platform, a designated field will be “EQUIPMENT” or “TRANSPORT”.

In case of an equipment event, the OceanIO milestone is found in a designated field. Below is an overview of possible values and their meaning:

GTIN (Gate-in): When a container is introduced into a controlled area (port or inland terminal). Gate-in has been completed once the area operator is legally in possession of the container.

GTOT (Gate-out): When a container is removed from a controlled area (port or inland terminal). Gate-out has been completed once possession of the container has been transferred from the terminal operator to the entity picking up the container.

LOAD (Loaded): When cargo or a container is lifted on board the mode of transport. Load is complete once lifting the cargo or container on board the mode of transport and securing it is complete.

DISC (Discharged): When cargo or containers is lifted off the mode of transport. Discharge is the opposite of load.

Below is an overview of the possible values and their meaning concerning potential transport events:

ARRI (Arrival): When the mode of transport reaches its final or intermediate destination and subsequently when the mode of transport is ready for load/discharge operations to begin at the specified location. In the case of a vessel, it will have arrived once it is berthed at the port terminal.

DEPA (Departure): When a container has embarked towards its final or intermediate destination.

TRSH (Transshipment): When a container is discharged from one vessel and loaded onto another in the same port.

OTHR (Other): Events regarding transport that did not match any of the above.

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