What is the content of a Container Tracking event?

Events from Container Tracking contains milestones from ‘Gate Out Empty’ to ‘Gate In Empty’. All events are classified as either:

– Actuals

– Estimated (by Carrier)

– Predicted (by the OceanIO platform)

Below is an example of an actual ‘Gate In Full’ at the port of loading.

          "event_id": "098d673e-5f48-11ed-8f6a-4acc5cdacaf2",
          "event_created_datetime": "2022-11-08T09:30:52.089944+00:00",
          "event_type": "EQUIPMENT",
          "event_description": "Arrival in",
          "event_classifier_code": "ACT",
          "event_datetime": "2022-10-20T21:25:00+00:00",
          "transport_event_type_code": null,
          "delay_reason_code": null,
          "change_remark": null,
          "transport_call": {
            "transport_call_id": "55b58114-28d5-4423-8607-dca80bd24e6d",
            "carrier_service_code": null,
            "carrier_voyage_number": null,
            "un_location_code": "CLSAI",
            "mode_of_transport": "TRUCK",
            "location": {
              "locode": "CLSAI",
              "location_name": "SAN ANTONIO",
              "country": "CL",
              "timezone": "America/Santiago",
              "latitude": "-33.58859972573732",
              "longitude": "-71.61950915271942"
            "transport_call_type": "PORT_OF_LOADING",
            "vessel": {
              "vessel_imo_number": null,
              "vessel_name": null,
              "vessel_operator_carrier_code": "HLCU",
              "vessel_operator_carrier_code_list_provider": "SCAC"
          "transport_id": "HAPAG2",
          "transport_name": null,
          "source_type": "CARRIER",
          "equipment_event_type_code": "GTIN",
          "equipment_reference": "TCKU6599303",
          "bill_of_lading_number": null,
          "carrier_booking_reference": "64188994",
          "iso_equipment_code": "45GP",
          "empty_indicator_code": "LADEN"

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